A Search Engine to Trump All Search Engines


You’ve probably come upon the situation of getting all the correct information when you are doing research. Does it have to take a lot of kinds of search engines like google and yahoo just to obtain one result for a unique search, why can’t we have something that answers the queries?

Isn’t it a good suggestion to have just one search engine rather than three or more? Or have all the data that you need for work or study custom-tailored to your own personal web search engine, regardless from which search engine it was originally posted to? Thank heavens that finally there are a few things able to answer this dilemma. ┬áNow there is a search engine which may do most of these for you. Imagine being able to have the top results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing all together on one page? It’s possible if you register for .

A Search Engine to Trump All Search Engines

By taking advantage of, this makes a web search simple. This method of search engine takes in the results from different engines, totals the results, and gives you the top results. This makes searching a lot easier. You just have to use different types of keywords for searching and you’ll possess the results on related keywords also. To avoid many results just type in the keywords of the specific category. For example, in the event you type in Armageddon, you have to be specific if you want movies, songs or biblical references otherwise you’ll get all the knowledge with the words “Armageddon” in them. Straightforward, speedy and unbeatable.

You have five categories to choose from – local, web, news, audio and images. You may even be receiving every one of the news and data from these categories, and in the language that you set it on! Custom design your homepage according to your whims plus your desires and be capable to access all the information from any PC every time you log in. No matter where you happen to be you’ll possess access and you obtain what you need. And the very best thing? While this service is free, you do have to register in order to make use of it. This limits the quantity of users within the service which makes it a faster search engine while searching.

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