Digital Signage – Advanced Mode of Digital Marketing


US$ 800 million, that’s the current market of Digital Marketing Signage, which has proven its worth and has become one of the most effective form of marketing channel. In fact, the projected market by 2011 is said to be around US$ 3.5 billion, thereby making it the fasting growing channel. The major manufacturers are Sony, NEC display solutions, Samsung Electronic, LG Electronics, Sharp and Mitsubishi; there are also numerous other small companies that have over crowded this market; however it has been predicted that in times to come the ones that would survive would be those. That have the expertise in digital signage solutions and also have the experience in installation.

A recent study has claimed that through digital signage displays, there has been brand awareness effect of 47.7%, hike in purchase that estimates to be 29.5%, There has been an upswing in sales volume of about 31.8%, generate growth in repeated buyers that’s around 32.8% and also create in store traffic of about 32.8%. Now these statistics clearly show a huge rise in demand for digital signage solutions. 3D Digital Signage This has become the most recent topic of conversation in the industry of digital signage.

Digital Signage

The ever growing technology has made it possible to have 3D display signage; with Samsung beginning to produce 3D panels for 3D LCD and LED televisions. Well this would certainly create a need for production of equipments in order to make 3D signage. So that it’ easily accessible for small and big companies. The 3D experience is certain to bring a whole new experience to the customers as compared.

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