Everyone to be aware of a certain product, event or situation, advertising is essential. It informs a mass audience in a simple and often cost effective means and offers various returns for the advertiser.

There are many forms of advertising available all of which are effective however some forms have the ability to reach larger masses than other forms. Of the many forms available radio advertising, television advertising adverts in newspapers and magazines as well as the distribution of brochures are just a few options. Outdoor advertising in the form of street pole ads, billboards and event flags have also become popular forms of letting the public know what is available and on offer.

Event Flags

Event Flags are a potent medium for establishing consistent brand awareness and increased attendance at events. Repetitive; vibrant and versatile, Event Flags enable councils and event sponsors to cost-effectively command consumer attention with a powerful visual presence. Sponsored road traffic signs is new option. Which are a public private initiative between the Department of Transport and ADreach in association with Arrive Alive. This medium delivers road safety and environmental messages whilst simultaneously offering; commercial advertising opportunity on previously inaccessible locations on provincial roads. Event ads also form an integral part of the media mix for any successful event campaign. Sites on major routes secure maximum exposure 7-14 days prior to events and functions. Compliancy with council bylaws is guaranteed and a customized booking system allows for complete control over all poster placements.

For more information on the costs and effective types of  available, contact street pole ads. The ADreach Group was established in 1998 and today boasts more than 40,000 advertising signs across South Africa; making it the 3rd largest outdoor media player in the country. They therefore have years of experience in the business and can offer competitive and sound advice.

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