Advertising is a great way of letting the public know about your products or services. It makes them aware of what is on offer and encourages them that they need this product or service. Effective advertising also serves as a constant reminder and appeals to the various senses of people. It is an effective tool to increasing your turnover rate and expanding your business.


Advertising is available in many forms which reach different markets. Adverts are commonly placed in newspapers and magazines or outside in the form of banners. Any form of advertising aims to reach a particular target market and the whereabouts of an advertisement placing would therefore depend on the people you are trying to reach and convince.

Event ads aim at announcing a particular event that is going to occur and form an integral part of the media mix for any successful event campaign. Outdoor is ideal for this purpose and sites on major transport routes will secure maximum exposure seven to fourteen days prior to the event or function.

With outdoor advertising it is important to remember that the lettering must be clearly visible and therefore. A height of 60 to 70mm is suggested with only bold and thick font types. Just as the size of the lettering is important for clear visibility so is the font as not all fonts are clear. Adequate letter and word spacing will also improve legibility and letters that touch should be avoided.

For more information and advice on outdoor advertising contact Street Pole Ads. With years of experience in the business they can help with events, products or even services. They know how to reach a specific target market. It will help you ensure that everyone knows about your product. You will notice a difference in your business almost instantly.

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