Advertising Manager – Myths about Advertising Manager Employment Opportunities


The position of an advertising manager sounds very attractive, but before images of big pay packets and loads of freebies start developing, pause and think. There are many myths about the job and all is not hunky dory with a top drawer job in advertising. You could be an online advertising manager or an advertising project manager, but the challenges are immense and it is difficult to succeed in these days of cut throat competition.

Requires uniqueness

To keep your job in a prime position in the ad department with an advertiser, you have to literally smell, hear, breathe and eat creativity. Unless you are unique with every client, you may not be able to offer them the marketing opportunities for which clients are banking on the company you work for. Times are tough and if you fail, there are others breathing down your neck to take away the client.

Demands super creativity

Creating an advertising manager resume may be the first step to apply for a job, but there are several myths involved. Even if you are adept at managing accounts and PR with clients and the media, you may not get the call letter. Times are really tough and the situation is different from what it was decades ago when a mere description of a product could ensure marketing. You have to be creative these days and come out with out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to critical problems.

Could get fired

As an advertising manager, you have to think out of the box and on your feet to be really effective. If you falter once, you could be shown the door. There are several others waiting to sneak in and companies are not averse to checking out new talent and recruits for top positions these days. The reason why there are many myths about an advertising managerial position is that the economy has technically come out of the worst recession in several decades.

Reduced buying

It is not easy to get a job or even keep the job of an advertising project manager. You may try out different ideas and unleash your creativity to the fullest, but fail to make any inroads in the market place. After all, there is very little that you can do if the consumer shies away from buying a new product or service. With credit ratings having taken a beating, banks and credit agencies are not lending liberally.

Lower ad budgets

Consumers used to spending lavishly, have buckled up. That is exactly why an excellent advertising manager resume cannot ensure a call letter straight away. Even if you get one and finally walk in, you may find it hard to keep your job. With reduced spending, companies have also paired down their ad budgets. They are relying on online options and social interactive sites. You have to re-think strategies as an advertising manager to succeed and bust the myths.

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