Aggressive Affiliates – The Digital Tweak to Marketing


Not everything that is new on the internet may be useful for marketing purposes, but having a degree of knowledge of the latest technology that is out there, how to use it, how to direct it to suit your purposes; are things the serious marketer needs to know and always be updated on if he wants to keep one step ahead.

Aggressive Affiliates will be launched on September 1, 2009, and people who are marketers should be interested in what they have to offer. To give you an idea of what they can do, go to the Google Search Engine and type “Aggressive Affiliates”, and you will see pages and pages with stories all about them. That is what the digital marketer wants to do-discover the strategies that can put a client at the top of search engines and dominate the pages.

One advantage to Aggressive Affiliates is that it is mainly a private coaching program with Peter Parks, an expert on web 2.0 content, who can navigate you on the lesser known marketing strategies and secrets that can give your client a competitive advantage. More so, in a scenario that includes not only a global market of buyers, but of sellers as well. As Friedman once said in his book, “The World is Flat” we live in an equal opportunity environment produced by the internet, and having an understanding of how it all functions will enable one to use this new environment to suit one’s purposes. The competition is just as great as the number of users. Having an insider view of a customer’s mind, knowing how to link key words to search engines in a productive way, knowing how to use the vast area of websites, blogs, social networking sites, and tools like auto responders, links, etc. are things the serious marketer needs to know.

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