CMS and SEO makes life easier

It is true that a CMS and SEO can make life easier for the web designer who can hand over the deliverable to the customer in the knowledge. The customer has got everything they need to update the website themselves.  A CMS is a tool that allows the non-technical website owner to update his website using a WYSIWYG editor.

A CMS works by allowing the end user to alter text, images, hyperlinks, etc. In a way that is familiar to them because they are used to using Microsoft Word for example.

Though CMS’s do exist that can be search engine friendly, many CMS users fail to use them properly. For example, missing out a TITLE tag when a description has already been added is common with non-technical users. This is because they do not see the point of or do not like to add the same information twice even though it is being added in different places. This, however, can adversely affect search engine optimisation (SEO).

Training makes life easier

If the CMS is capable of creating search engine friendly webpages then the user should be trained properly. This will decrease the need for support calls and ultimately make the customer happy and more likely to provide you with repeat business.  CMS training is usually best provided over a couple of sessions so long as the client’s budget permits it.

It training cannot be catered in the budget and thorough user guide should be provided to the customer at the very least. The customer will then go on to learn by trial and error.

You might still get the odd support call but, as long as the website CMS works properly. The customer should be able to add content to webpages using the CMS in a SEO friendly way.

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