Community Marketing and advertising

Community Marketing and advertising


Community Marketing and advertising: 2002 wasn’t a very good yr for several dining establishments.  The September 11th attack on the Twin Towers truly hurt sales.

But rather than make excuses, Jeff Mohler of the Marblehead Grille and Chowder Property in Easton, PA  decided to get the offensive.  He started focusing on Neighborhood Advertising component way through the very first quarter of the yr.  2nd quarter outcomes showed a 24.four% enhance over the previous yr (following all discount rates), and Third Quarter benefits showed continued growth with 36.2%. But Jeff was discovering it extremely hard to discover time to handle his marketing as his volume improved. In the 3rd quarter, Jeff installed and started using an automated advertising and marketing software program system.
In Q4 Jeff showed a 59.three% increase in excess of October of the earlier yr. The last outcome: Company was up 32% for the yr, thanks to Neighborhood marketing and advertising and computer software that allowed Jeff to deal with his new advertising.

RESTAURANT Advertising and marketing Final results JOURNAL – Since January one, 2002

Background 2001:
Prior to the tragedy on September 11, factors had been coasting along nicely in 2001 on target for a five%+ enhance. Due to the fact of the impact of 9/11,the year ended with only a 1.four% sales enhance.

I made a decision to consider the plunge into Direct Response. I identified a bucket of three yr previous Entry Blanks from our 3rd Anniversary Contest in March 1999, named out about 150 January birthdays, developed and sent a card supplying a “Free of charge 1-pound Lobster Dinner” to people 150 folks. We also began handing out guest Info Kinds (GIFs) to collect information from our guests. By the end of the month we had redeemed 28 cards bringing in 90 guests, designed $ two,335.25 in product sales, gathered info totaling 1800 new men and women for our database and posted a income decrease of four.five%, for January.

Issues began to enhance gradually and by the end of the 1st Quarter we had worked our way back to a 4.four% product sales increase with the database surpassing 5,000 people’s birthdays and anniversaries.

APRIL – JUNE 2002:
The 2nd Quarter genuinely grew to become the convincing time for me as we sent out 600, 900 and one,000 Birthday cards, redeemed practically one,000 (close to 40%) and produced $ 48,000 in revenue soon after discount rates, a 24.4% improve. We also extra Anniversary Cards to our mailing beginning in June with about 500 cards being mailed for the month, 182 redeemed and created above $ seven,500 in extra income. The guest-per- card variety was reduced than birthdays. I guess folks invite buddies to assist celebrate birthdays but do the anniversary issue largely as couples community marketing.

JULY- SEPTEMBER 2002 Community Marketing:
Data management grew to become more difficult as we passed twelve,000 entries. Excel and Mail Merge have been managing the function and spitting out labels. The cards, now numbering about 300 a week had to be labeled, stamped with the expiration date and a stamp – a good deal of work, but really worth it. I had study about different software programs and ordered a (application) package deal….. It arrived in mid-July as we were in the throes of Small League Championship baseball, spending virtually 3 weeks on the road.

The neat items about the restaurant advertising software program are: one) printing the tackle. Birth date and expiration date all on the cards at after (you can actually do the postage at the very same time also, but I haven’t gone that far), plus 2) The capacity to log redemptions and track consumer usage.

The 3rd Quarter boomed and mainly in my absence¡­which felt very good. A 56.8% sales enhance moved us to 27.three% following 3 quarters. I was ecstatic and gradually being convinced this Direct Response was good stuff – controllable, measurable and worthwhile.


The 4th Quarter caused some marketing creativity we did not want also numerous individuals redeeming cards in December. We stopped mailing cards from December eight – 26. Nonetheless ended the month up 24.four%. Community Marketing a good variety but a massive drop from October and November. We ended the 12 months up 31%.

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