Contextual Advertising

.tags Year over year growth of internet advertising has eclipsed other conventional media. As marketers realize that online spending is more effective at influencing targeted consumers and delivering more measurable results. The standard contextual advertising has been built on delivering eyeballsthe more people, as it serving to be an eye catcher and is proving out to be interactive in nature, thus helping customers to get a better understanding, thereby rendering a better outcome in a short duration of time.

Contextual Advertising means that your advertisement is only shown on a website that is ‘in Context’ to your specific product or service. With its help targeted audience may automatically get a webpage’s content for specific keywords, based on the results which is targeted to them.

Xapads a well known contextual advertising company strive to provide quality visitors to your website to guarantee that your advertising budget is spent to its full value. We display your ads at highly contextually targeted websites (that meets the content of your website) that guarantees that the visitors coming to your website after clicking are really the ones who will make the sales.

Ensuring highly targeted visitors at a very low price, being mainly into CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Meteric) and CPA (Cost Per Action), our team will ensure that your ads are placed in safe, effective environments that enable you to reach your target audience at the scale you demand.

Advertisers, Marketers and Ad Agencies get the best return for their delivery of quality services, at affordable prices and unique customization that will fulfill the specific needs of today and tomorrow. This may be done by guiding properly the entire process from design to execution to optimization of the ads.

Here at Xapads (Targeted Contextual Advertising Network), your ads will instantly appear in our affiliated websites that have related contents to your product or service. Our online contextual advertising technology works by publishing rich media advertisement on the relevant affiliated websites that would best match your selected targeted keywords or channels.

Xapads was founded on the premise that relevant advertising presented in the right environment to the right people becomes meaningful information that is valuable to them. Thus, providing a positive experience for everyone involved – the publisher that served the ad, the advertiser whose relevant offer was served, and the audience that engaged with the ad.

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