Follow These Essential Guidelines When Using Articles For Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy!


I regularly write articles to promote my niches and products, as part of my search engine marketing strategy. From experience, I find that at least 25-50 articles are required to really make an impact. However, I also know that finding ideas for so many different articles, especially if it’s a subject which you are not an expert in, can be a real challenge. If this is the case for you, here are some tips to help you when things get a little tough.

Looking at a subject in general terms can make it difficult for you to decide what to write about. But if you refine your niche you can then research that aspect of the subject and write articles focused on that. You can then learn enough to write with some authority, rather than write blandly about the wider niche. Plus, you will have the added advantage of writing in a less competitive market.

So, if you were writing about a Photography Course, for instance, instead of covering the entire subject, you choose one part, such as “How To Take Stunning Black And White Digital Photography For Beginners” and learn all you can about this. With such a title, you’ve not only refined your niche to Black and White Photography, but also to Beginners. You could even drill down further to concentrate on black and white portrait photos.

Being in the right frame of mind helps when writing articles. Eliminating distractions prevents you from wasting time by having to re-focus and remember where you were. Turn off your mobile, put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign – and focus. Remember that every tiny thing working against you will limit the effectiveness of the articles in your search engine marketing strategy.

Motivate yourself by spending a few moments to think about exactly why you are writing an article. What do you want to gain from it? Obviously, clicks through to your website, or affiliate product, resulting in commissions for you. Remembering why you are writing can help your focus.

Setting goals for yourself can make sure you achieve what you want from a session. If you set yourself a goal of, let’s say, 10 articles a week, and you have only written one by Wednesday, you know you need to get a move on.

It’s fair to say that the more articles you have published, the more traffic you should receive. But, some people have a problem, where they just have to write the perfect article before they release it. Now, you have a delicate balance to strike here. You definitely do not want to be submitting sub-standard articles. However, remember that your readers are looking for a solution to their problem – so as long as your article meets their needs, they won’t mind if you are not the next William Shakespeare.

I hope the information above is helpful to you, and will help you succeed in using articles as an integral part of your search engine marketing strategy. Remember this method is free, so if you get it right it can really be of benefit to your business.

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