Google – Not Just A Good Search Engine


Google is really a very good search engine. Using it can be considered as an evidence of living. There are over 85% of all live searches are now conducted through Google and the main competitors of Google for example Yahoo have fallen away. What is really phenomenal is that this has happened in a period of only 10 years!


It is easy to overlook other aspects of Google – we all know it for Gmail, Google maps images and videos but how many of us stray down the lefthand menu to discover the myriad of goodies hidden there?


News – very comprehensive and as you’d expect searchable in a number of different ways.


Shopping – which is a huge portal not unlike Amazon Marketplace where you can buy and sell products.


Books – typing books into this category gives 142million results


Finance – this is a full blown Finance site where you can get news, quotes, build portfolios and where there is an excellent Trends graphical indicator package.


Translate allows translation between 57 languages!


Scholar – allows searches through academic articles and items such as patents, legal journals and opinions.


Blogs – allows a detailed search of blogs for comment and entries on the search topic.


There are direct links to YouTube and Google Chrome, Google’s own web browser.


Under tools there is Google Docs, which is a Microsoft office kind of suite which is web based and web stored.


There is Groups which allows you to create mailing lists and Groups. There is Google Calendar, Google Code and Google Mobile.


Search deeper into Google and you will find Keyword Tools Google Wonder Wheel,Ad Sense, AdWords, Statistics, Analytics…..?


There is really enough here to write an encyclopedia about! In fact there is a need for a comprehensive interactive eBook. There is probably one on Google – I just have yet to find it.


I was speaking with a very successful Internet marketer who told me he no longer owned a computer as he saw no need to store anything at home. His business and records operates entirely within Google with its web based storage. He checks his emails by cell phone and uses public access computers or internet cafes if he needs to work! I believe we may all be adopting that sort of approach in years to come.


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