Google Wants To Be The First Search Engine Of Its Kind In Digital Marketing


Google, the search engine consultancy is finding new and new ways everyday. Digital marketing field to remain the top most liked and used search agency. Breaking news of company focus on Algorithm on one of Google consultancy news blog, as said by Sharad Jain. New and updated news information and events from all across the globe plus those exposed on media channels. Sites now  digital marketing search engine consultancy is striving. To make its algorithm competent to grab the latest news and make them available to general audience in a more efficient and effective manner.

According to Sharad, since the past few years Google Company has been working upon this yet another digital marketing aspect of algorithm. Though search consultancy doesnt promise that it is going to be ice breaking technology in digital marketing and would get immediate attention but hope that people will find and feel some difference in Google search services with the passage of time.

In this chapter of digital marketing, Googles ability to constantly providing relevant news regarding original news is unbelievable. Because if any incident occurs anywhere, and media breaks the news, Google can immediately update its result and people can see about the number of sufferers & causalities and relevant actions to be taken. And about any sports event all the news update would be on Google search agency.

Google not only work on international media or events, but also mean to keep record of local reporting also.

Whenever any event take place all across the world and digital marketing, all news channels. Get to cover the story and wants to be the first one to break it. There is always one or two who manages to get the most from their coverage, thus Google wants.

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