How Does A Facebook Application Development Agency Work?


With the advent of Facebook there has been development of thousands of applications and software related to the social media website. According to a recent survey by facebook itself the translation application is used by over 300,000 users. This is a fact about just one application among the thousands that are there in Facebook. Developers have a specific ways of working and implementing a development project. Following is a discussion on it –

SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)

Generally, by Service-Oriented Architecture indicates an approach that combines a few different services that interoperate to create large components of applications for the Facebook. Developers create structural standardizations that serve to reduce complexities, increase flexibilities, and foster growth. This in turn leads to powerfully scalable applications.

RAD (Rapid Application development)

Being just reputed is not just enough to qualify as the best agency to rely upon – the developers should be fast too! A fast service provider generally maintains a RAD working environment. The Rapid Application Development enables the developers to leverage thousands of lines of pre-tested. Code during the creation of new applications. It saves both time and resources. Make sure that even if an agency is working on RAD environment and is promising faster deliveries, the Facebook developers are not compromising on the quality and are using the latest object-oriented methodologies.

ADM (Agile Development Methodology)

When it comes to selecting the right application for Facebook, developers often use the Agile Development methodology. It results in shorter durations for the delivery of software to you. Make sure that while following the Agile Development methodology. The developers would work in close collaboration with you and ensure technical excellence. Rapid response to change and coordination between the cross-functional and self-organizing teams should be there.

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