How to Start an Advertising Agency?


Considering the current phase of economic development and consumer awareness, business owners have realized that presentation and strategic marketing are vital elements in reaching their target audience and hence the need for a professional body to take charge comes in.

An advertising agency is one which not only takes complete control over a company’s branding but is also involved aggressively in the development of their advertising strategies, sales & marketing activities. With an explosion of business opportunities the industry has enough potential to absorb newcomers.

If one is willing to endure through perseverance teamed with dedication, has the ability to take decisions instantly and is unafraid of risk taking; these along with certain pointers that need to be borne in mind in the process have enough potential to start up an agency.

1) To get started one needs to get familiar with different concepts such as copy writing, graphic art; which can be done by taking a crash course offered by institutes. Reading books & articles on the same subject will prove to be of assistance.

2) Secondly this knowledge will gain momentum if one gains experience by working in a related firm in different areas such as copy writing, creative skills, marketing and accounts respectively. Simultaneously creation of a portfolio, which should be a compilation of the work done along with hardcopies of the creative, which will be very handy while making a presentation or proposing business strategies to the client. An agency can also take the form of a web portal, in such a case one needs to get a well designed home page which needs to be visually attractive and comprehensive besides it is equally important to maintain the portal in terms of queries, emails received which need to be addressed spontaneously & effectively.

3) One needs to determine whether the agency will be a freelance one (work from home) or one that will operate from a corporate address, if it will be a corporate one then selection of the location will play an important role in terms of exposure of the company.

4) Classification of the type of work the agency will cater to; such print or video advertisements, hoardings; besides also zeroing in on companies and target audience.

5) Determination of the size of the agency, whether it will range from 2 persons or a departmentalized company is also crucial while formulating the plan or to simplify, the investment allotment of the company. A budget plan needs to be formulized & allotments of funds have to be segregated for various operations.

6) Obtaining a business license and the legalities and relevant documents to set the company rolling.

7) Preparation of a business marketing plan combined with attractive graphics to attract prospective clients and to create awareness in the industry in the form of leaflets, brochures, pamphlets, advertisements in newspapers, word of mouth publicity and likewise

To conclude a right mix of technical know-how teamed with experience will be


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