If I Switch Server Hosts, Will It Affect My Search Engine Rankings?

.tags There are times when websites decide to change servers for one reason or another. When they do they often worry whether they will lose their search engine rankings by doing this. It takes some time to build up your website and its rankings. No one wants to lose those rankings, it could mean a loss of business and you could lose regular visitors. You spent a lot of time on your internet marketing blog to get it where it is and to get people there with the keywords you have chosen. You certainly do not want to risk having to start all over again. Getting visitors to your blog is difficult enough the first time around.

There is good news, however. There are plenty of ways to switch servers without if having much impact on your SEO rankings. There are even a few ways to help make the risk minimal when it comes to your internet marketing blog and the loss of rankings.

When you switch servers, you have to make sure that the downtime of your website is not very long. The rule is the smaller the downtime, the better. This is all assuming you are keeping the name of your web site the same. That means keeping your domain name the same and your content the same. You will lose fewer rankings if you keep the downtime to a minimum. If you have a short downtime when you switch the spiders that hit it will find it if they search again. If you can do that you will experience very little loss to your overall rankings.

While setting up your new website on the new server try to keep files from your website on the original server. This is a good strategy for a while after moving servers. Sometimes you will not be able to do this. It may even be a waste of time in some instances, but in most cases if you can keep the files up for a few days or weeks, it will help to fight off any damage you could see in the rankings otherwise.

By making only one switch at a time you should be able to hang on to your rankings. Try not to switch URLs and servers at the same time. This would result in a large amount of traffic rankings being lost. For one reason or another, people are switching servers all the time. Very seldom is there a report of large traffic loss.

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