Kinds Of Digital Marketing


If you want to know more about Boston SEO services then this article will help you to decide what is right for you. Specifically we will be discussing Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. By reading this article you will have a better understanding of what these services can offer you. Digital Marketing offers a multimedia form of getting your message over to potential customers. Some of the methods used for digital marketing are email, RSS feeds, blogging, podcasting, video streams and instant messaging.

Video is becoming one of the most effective methods of digital marketing and this is borne out by the massive popularity of YouTube and sites like it. Creating a video is a relatively simple and cost effective method; to get your message across to a large amount of people.

There are various ways to market digitally both paid and free. Correct search engine marketing can get you free organic traffic but this can take time to build up. If you want to test a campaign you can do so by using PPC or pay per click advertising.

PPC means that you only pay when someone clicks on your advert based on the search terms that you specify. The plus side is that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign very quickly and decide if it is cost effective.

Testing a campaign using PPC enables you see results in real time and allows to modify your advert very quickly. The amount you spend on this campaign is predetermined by you and the return on investment is very quantifiable.

Sending messages

Sending messages by text or SMS is another very efficient and cost effective method, particularly for client retention. Lots of businesses such as Dentists now use this method to remind customers; of an appointment or update you on any changes. This is much better than having to type out a letter and send it to the patient.

Search engine marketing is a very cost effective strategy for long term gain. When done professionally it can bring you fantastic results day in and day out. The marketing can be done locally, nationally or globally depending on the type of business that you have.

A company can, for example, help you to market yourself to the local community if you so wish and enable you to capture the market for whatever service you offer. If you then want to go further afield they can help you to extend your business by use of both search engine marketing and digital marketing.

Making a video of your services; product or whatever you want and then posting it to various sites can bring you the type of publicity that would in the past have been prohibitively expensive for you. Unlike a TV advert, your message will not just last a few seconds, but will remain on the internet indefinitely

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