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Advertisements play an important role in success of many top companies. You could have come across commercial advertisements in television channels, magazines, newspapers and other Medias. But, in the present trend web advertisement is considered as the powerful one. The reason is simple. Web advertisement reaches people of other cities, state and countries easily, when compared with the other local Medias. So, you can convey the utilities of your product to a customer who is millions of miles away through web advertisement.

You could have seen different types of advertisements in the internet. Some of the popular ways of advertising are pop up ads, HTML ads and interstitials. Banner advertising is one of the popular advertising modes that is more beneficial to the advertiser and the website owner.

How to create an effective banner advertisement?

1] Banner advertising is widely preferred tool by the advertisers. Banner advertisements can be placed in various sizes and patterns. Almost every website will have some banner advertisements in their sites. Website owners provide space for the advertisers to place their banner advertisement. The banner advertisement may be related to any product or service that the advertiser company is doing. When a user clicks this banner advertisement, he/she will be automatically directed to the advertiser sales page or service. So, banner advertisement is beneficial both to the advertiser and the web site owner.

2] Your banner advertisement should attract the users and induce them to click the advertisement. The ad should contain all the basic details of your company, product/service, discount offers, if any etc. Your banner advertisement should be unique from the other advertisements placed in the website.

3] Your banner advertisement should be medium in size. Larger size banner advertisements cannot be loaded easily. If your advertisement fails to open instantly, then your potential client may move to some other site. So, always create your banner advertisement in average or medium size.

4] Always place your banner advertisement in the popular websites. The website should have good ranking in search engines like google and yahoo. You are likely to get more sales and profit, when more users view your banner advertisement.

5] Banner advertisement costs more if you agree to pay the affiliate “pay per click”. Every user who visits your website by clicking the banner advertisement is not sure to buy your product. So, I strongly recommend you to pay “per sales” to the affiliate. That is, whenever a sale is made through the banner advertisement placed in affiliate’s site, you will be paying him the agreed sum.

Banner advertising not only benefits the advertiser, even a website owner is able to earn good profit. As a website owner you should concentrate on building traffic to your website and make your website more visible. Before giving space for the advertiser in your website, analyze whether the product or service has something to do for the users. The banner advertisement should be on a product that has great demand with the public. So, a banner advertisement will turn to be a successful one if it is handled properly.

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