Make Money From Internet Business With High Search Engine Ranking


In order to make money from internet business, you need to first know how to drive a lot of traffic to your website. Just like a shop in a shopping mall, they will need to market so as to attract people to their shop before they can close any sale. Likewise, your internet business needs a lot of traffic. The fact is that you may only be able to convert 5 to 10% of the visitors to customers, so the more traffic the merrier.

So what strategies should you be applying to get massive traffic to your website? Well, by increasing your search engine ranking is probably the best way to get traffic. It isn’t an easy strategy but if you are persistence and industrious enough, you should be able to see good result.

By building your internal and incoming links, you are actually helping to increase your search engine ranking. When I talk about internal links, I mean the links from page to page within your website. It is best advice to link each page to all other pages in your website.

Incoming links are links placed in other smaller websites or blogs created by you. These other smaller websites or blogs are supposed to promote your main sites so it only makes sense to cross link them.

Incoming links can also be coming from other people’s websites. This is what happened when you do article marketing. When your articles are submitted to articles directories, readers who like your contents may publish them together with your links on their sites. When more people publish your articles means that you are having more incoming links.

Another simple trick is to make use of HTML to increase your ranking. We know that the Title tag actually goes under the Head tag and so it is wise to take this advantage to place some keywords in the title tag. Avoid listing your keywords. You should write a sentence with perhaps some keywords. The sentence should be as clear as possible to explain to surfers what your website is all about. On top of that, you should also be placing 1 to 2 keywords in each of your heading tags.

Finally, write some keywords in the content of your website. Never repeat keywords too many times because search engine may consider them as spam and your website will not be successful. In addition, keywords should always make sense and related to what you are doing. I am sure all these tips above can help you to make money from internet very soon.

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