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Anyone, who has heard of Joe Girard will know that he was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling more cars on a one to one basis, than any other person. Joe Girard did that for twelve straight years.

Joe Girard did it through his referrals by sending out cards on every month. He maintained a file of his clients by which he remembers birthdays, anniversaries, any holiday and special occasions. He sends card on each and every occasion. Joe sent a whopping 13, 000 handwritten cards per month. He had two assistants to help him out.

The marketing cards worked for Joe to sell automobiles, and it works for anyone who is n the selling business.
Sending a post card involves a fraction of the cost involving target mails or direct mails. Marketing experts and gurus believe that it is the best way of marketing your product.

There are plenty of postcards designs and formats to choose. If you are a business person, you may choose larger or smaller postcards than standard post cards.

If you wish to be different, you can send gate-folded brochures from time to time which depend on the message of your post card marketing campaign.

For special events in your shop you can avail the singe page postcard. If you wish to invite people to your shop or celebrate your shop’s anniversary sale then you can have one-page postcard works.

If you wish then you can avail the services of experts also to write postcard for you. Experts on sending postcards recommend using the gate-folded style postcard.

Gate-folded postcard has two folds that meet in the middle, and has two panels to create a door that reveals the inner page. This is why it is called as gatefold style. You get more spaces to print in these sections.

The recipient is tempted to take a peek into the packaging of the postcard. Unlike the enveloped business styled letter, this type of postcard doesn’t’ look bulky and is relatively easy to flip.

So, why not try postcard instead of direct mail marketing!

Postcard Marketing

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