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Search engines basically perform three step processes to rank the websites. The first step is called “crawling”. The search engine crawls through the websites examining the content. To examine various links of the website and related content, search engines deploy automated “spiders”. Once the spiders gather sufficient information, it is sent a data repository for indexing websites. This is second step. The third and final step involves actual ranking of websites based on their relevance to search. This is done using the information available in the data repository.

There are many techniques through which you can maximize the advantages of your website when search engine craws through your website. One of the design considerations should be to place the important and most relevant pages close to website home page. The content of the website should be periodically revised and updated. Proper care should be taken to remove the broken links as this result in negative ranking.

Search engine index works in exactly the same way as book index. It helps the search engine find the most relevant results of the search. Search engines do not crawl through websites every time a search is done. They instead, make use of the indexing and the website information available in the data repository. Indexing of the website does not take place instantly; there is a minor delay due to which your website may not immediately appear in the search results.

The final step of the search engine is relevancy ranking. After all the crawling and indexing, the search engine perform relevancy ranking. During this process the search engine determines the relevancy of your website towards the particular search key word. Each search engine has its unique algorithm to do this, but the most common parameters that determine ranking are content of the website and its reputation.

The reputation of your website can be gauged by the number of sites that link to your website. It is also based on what kind of websites link to your website. If the sites that link to you are credible and quality sites, your website will also get evaluated accordingly.

Apart from this, a lot relies on the content of your website. Search engines deploy highly efficient algorithms to evaluate the content of your website, which determines the ranking.

It is evident that the relevancy ranking of your website depends as much on the sites that are associated with your website as the content of your own site. This makes it important to be associated or linked with sites that are of high quality and relevance. Proper consideration and efforts should be put in these two areas to have a high relevancy ranking thus increasing the web traffic and business growth.

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