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Advertisement is a crucial part of marketing campaign. To make any campaign successful and long lasting, advertisement has to be unique and eye-catching. Advertisement agencies are the one who create new advertisement and design campaigns according to the clients’ need.¬†Which need equal consideration while launching any new social media campaign.

Advertisement agencies are aware of social medias’ importance. Agencies keep adopting new social media strategies and outlook to interact with consumers about brands. These agencies mainly focus on new trends and new ways to create impact in the mind of consumer. Being informed and updated never helped anyone to attain expertise in particular section till it is implemented. A successful and trend setter campaign needs both innovation and new ideas, which means campaign should have original content, real theme and latest idea.

Advertising agencies are using various social media applications like mobile ads, but they are obsolete now. Advertising agencies should work on more social media tools and applications, which will help them to increase business and brand name. Many advertisement agencies use various traditional method for promotion, but they have to apply new methods to remain in the business. Few points and tips for advertising agencies for the use of social media are:

1. Social media campaign now a days design with the help of various interactive and dedicated software. Advertisement agencies need to use newest of available and updated software, so that they can provide new innovative and creative advertisement to clients.

2. Target campaigns- Earlier, social media campaigns were not meant to target any particular market, but now they are designed to target specific segment. Today, location based social media campaigns are in the demand. There advantages of location based campaigns which includes targeting consumer by location. Thus helping the advertiser to remain focused on particular groups and communities. Advertising agencies have to design campaigns based on location. It will start new trends in market campaigning to penetrate more deeply into target markets.

These are the two basics which i think will be helpful for advertising agencies when they use social media for designing campaigns. Apart from above discussed points there are certain areas like display, content and creativity. Which need equal consideration while launching any new social media campaign.

Gajendra Purbia

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