Search Engine Marketing – The Only Thing Nobody Can Steal From You


In this day & age, search engine marketing (SEM) is so competitive that every single hour, there are new competitors appearing out of nowhere. Also with so many spy tools, software & services, almost everything is transparent.

Bad News For PPC Marketers

Anyone can copy your keywords, your ads, even your landing pages! Some even resort to creating knock off version of your products & services while undercutting you with lower prices.

Good News For All Marketers

There is only 1 thing which nobody can steal from you & that is none other than your domain name! Unless you forget to renew & somebody comes along to renew it on your behalf.

Domain Names & PPC

You might wonder what has domain names got to do with search engine marketing or pay per click marketing. Simple, based on my past Google AdWords campaigns, the headline of the ad affects the response the most & the second thing on the list is none other than the domain name.

Which is why you need to split test domain names in your AdWords account. They do not like people to test domains within the same adgroup, so here is how we can fix it without breaking any rules.

Domain Testing For Google AdWords

Create 2 identical campaigns, if you already have campaigns running, you can use Google AdWords Editor, (free software), to copy the whole campaign over instead of creating everything from scratch.

In these 2 identical campaigns, have different domains, then set your campaign timing on alternate hours. Campaign 1 with domain 1 will run on even hours, 8am – 9am, 10am – 11am & such. Campaign 2 with domain s will run on odd hours, 9am – 10am, 11am – 12pm & such.

This may take a little time, however, when you do find a domain that gets you better response, just the improvements in your click through rates & the drop in your cost per click will be well worth your effort.

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