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In this day and age where diversity is the name of the game, it is highly important for all products to have their own niche.  In order to remain unique and identifiable, one must be able to continuously look for ways to differentiate oneself from all other competitions. Likewise, on the interenet, where  a humongous amount of information and products are presence, staying unique is no less important.  When it comes to Search Engines, remaining unique or Search Engine Positioning is also important. Though there are top ranking search engines, search engines are able to thrive, because the people know that there are specific people who are after the information that they provide.  They also produce a more narrow search for the topic being searched by the person.

For instance, though Google is the top ranking search engine today, one also has to consider other search engines when we are talking about search engine positioning. These big search engines may give one millions of hits, but none of its hits may be relevant to the searcher.  If one is looking for business news, it is wiser to use .com, because it caters to the business world and business people alike.  If one wants information about fitness, likewise is a better option. This becomes possible when these search engines that come with their niches tag the websites which they find to be important to their target market. Thus taking their search engine positioning.

Thus, upon looking at the web, one would be surprised with how many search engines are into search engine positioning.  There’s that helps you find audio, video and podcasts by using keywords and also content of what you’re looking for.  There’s the Internet Movie Database that claims to be the largest database of movies.  Auction Tracker has a search engine that is focused to ebay listings. provides all searchable regarding the United States government.  Brainboost is a trivia website.  All that you have to do is to type in a question, and if your question matches the search results, Brainboost will gladly give the answer to your question.

This then equates to more income for the search engines.  This is because more advertisers would choose to advertise in search engines and websites with very specific target audiences.  This is a whole lot better than advertising in websites that are found randomly.  Proportionally,  this also creates more traffic on the page that advertisers are looking for.

With this kind of success, the bigger search engines take notice. In 1997, the search engine Excite took notice of the success of smaller search engines that feature rock end roll.  Thus, in January of 1997, it announced its plans to join the Rolling Stones by having a section in their search engine the features rock and roll.

Truly, search engine positioning is very important to the growth of search engines.  While nothing guarantees the success of search engines, we now know that it creates more traffic in search engines, because of the highly specific search engines.  Also, it attracts advertisers who would like to take part in the popularity of search engines.

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