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People looking to sell a property in Bulgaria are increasingly looking to search engine marketing in addition to using traditional real estate agents. With more people using search engines to buy and sell property than ever before, harnessing the power of the internet to sell your Bulgarian property is becoming one of the most effective routes to market. Websites such as allow the vendor to actively market their property using the internet through a network of over 350 websites owned by parent company The Worldwide Group. is a website dedicated to buying and selling property in Bulgaria. There’s everything you would expect from a property site, such as featured properties for both sale and rent and a helpful search field to help you locate properties of a certain type and in a particular region. However, goes much further than a standard property listing company. The company behind the website, The Worldwide Group, takes a holistic approach to real estate, helping buyers and sellers at every step of the sales process, from valuation to purchase, ongoing property maintenance to rental services. The group even provides services such as flights to Bulgaria for inspection trips, car hire once in the country and ongoing legal services for Bulgarian properties, whether purchased purely for investment or as a holiday home.

Perhaps the most innovative and effective way The Worldwide Group helps people selling property in Bulgaria, however, is through the internet. The company has more than 350 country-specific websites in 10 languages catering to the new and resale real estate market. All websites are search engine optimised, so for instance in the case of, the site has been optimised to capture anyone searching for property sales in Bulgaria in the search engines, no matter what combination of search terms are used. This gives vendors access to a much wider audience around the world, leaving no stone uncovered when it comes to potential purchasers. harnesses the latest technology and multi-media tools to market properties, including video production – tipped to be the “next big thing” in digital marketing. Given The Worldwide Group’s impressive global network supported by these websites, all Bulgarian properties listed on get unrivalled exposure to people looking to buy Bulgarian property.

If you are looking to sell Bulgarian property, buy a property in Bulgaria, or simply want to find out more about how The Worldwide Group stands apart as real estate marketers, visit

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