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Using Social Media and Stone Barn Marketing as your marketing tool

In the past, businesses make use of television ads, radio ads, posters, tarpaulins, newspaper, and fliers to promote their products and services. But today, the most popular advertising technique is social media marketing. This is a marketing strategy that is greatly influenced by the World Wide Web. Marketers publicized their products through social-media tools like blogging and social networking sites. Experts consider this as an effective marketing strategy because the interaction between the consumers and the sellers are immediate and efficient.

Promoting a product or service online gives the customers a chance to proactively show interest toward the product. They can ask questions about it, inquire how to purchase it and even submit their orders without the hassle of having to be physically there. The seller or marketer can answer their queries right then and there. This immediate response should send a positive impression to the consumers. Therefore encouraging them to not only buy the product, but also promote it to their family and friends. After all, nothing can ever beat good customer service.

One good thing about social-media is that it has a wide array of web sites and web spaces that allows this exchange of thoughts and ideas to take place. Blogging is actually one of the most popular types of social media. People post their blogs on the internet for many different reasons. Blogs are very useful as they can send across important information to numerous individuals around the world. Marketers can look into these blogs to spy on some of their possible customers. Through these blogs, they can easily spot the people who will strongly respond to their product or service.

Social Media may also be used for smaller businesses to network with each other. In this current economy it isn’t unlikely for companies to talk about ideas, methods, projects and maybe even team up on projects. Another business’ strengths might be your weakness and vice versa. Teaming up to create a better product can only benefit both businesses.

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