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.tags Mobile phone is the most popular technological breakthrough in past decades. It’s not related to mere talking and sharing text messages. It has unknowingly become a mandatory part of our routine life, either connecting with the near and dear ones or the clients. With the advancement in technology, mobile phone is now used as a mini PC and the credit goes to Smart-phones.

The impact of mobile revolution has become the personal remote control for our lives. There are huge business opportunities to connect, share and grow with the consumer in the mobile channels.

Few days ago I read about, what Apple is doing with the iPhone and iPhone App Store. Within its first six months, 500 million applications were downloaded. There are more than 400 million mobile phone users in US alone. Everything from SMS to mobile browsing has become very common these days. With this high usage, here the marketer’s are looking at how to send, connect and advertise in these channels.

It’s not Mobile Advertising , it’s Mobile Marketing-

There are so many examples to explain this but in my opinion the best one to show the relevancy of Mobile Marketing is Mc Donalds.

A scavenger hunt, ring-tones, wallpapers, photo-gallery and even wireless coupons were all part of Mobile Marketing program run by Mc D called Mobile Whoa.

In 2006 Mc D used cellphone technology to promote its Tulsa, Okla-area restaurant whose up-to-the minute bells and whistles includes wireless Internet, cashless technology and plasma screen TVs. In this campaign, through the end of April, customers in Northeastern Oklahoma participates in mobile scavenger hunt, get a mobile coupon and post photos in a camera phone and website picture gallery. The hunt starts when customers text-message a specific code or register online for the participation. Customers then receive a series of clues via text messages. Besides the coupons for free Fries they also received some additional perks, we can easily see that Mc D doesn’t used aggressive type of marketing approach rather they walked lightly with this campaign. They were much more dependant on the people to really pull the content at their own pace and desire even smarter.

In my view cell phone(Internet based) is a strong tool in Social Media Marketing through which one can lionize the market and attract more customers. Wherever you go, you remained attached to your clienteles and thus you can give quicker and effective services to your clients. So, are you using Mobile Marketing in your business??? If not, start doing it.

Being a consumer, I am using it to know more about the products and to keep updated myself about new products/services with the help of my E71. I am now directly connected to the business and can avail the services very easily by getting mobile..ohh I mean using mobile.

Heena Lodha

The author is a business researcher with CheckBuzz, a social media monitoring company.

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