Social Media Maybe?


So I read a recent research study done on a multitude of brands and the results? Not that surprising. A little under 50% of the brands studied said that the jury was out on social media. Why’s that not surprising? Well, one can’t exactly measure the return on the investment as easily as one might like. It takes a lot of time and resources to track all the data necessary, or you just have to luck out and have an ingenious analyst on your team. And the inherent value isn’t exactly forthcoming either. Reputation isn’t as easily tracked as one might think, but that’s what it does. Social Media investment, at it’s core, creates a massive return on reputation. The trouble is that controlling that reputation is so difficult. Why?

Having a veritable cornucopia of positive social opportunities means you also have just as many negative social opportunities. Keeping the balance can be tedious. One slip up and you can have the hounds on your tail, losing favor universally. The cost of setting up a social media investment is easily calculated. The return? Not so much. A lot of digital marketers play the guess and check method of throwing money at a campaign they think might have value and then checking if there was any verifiable return. This happens more often than you think. Now you may have thought to yourself, if under 50% of the brands were unsure, what did the other think? Well let me break it down for you. All but 1% of those studied acknowledged that there was some value in social media investment. It’s crazy I know. 35% of that noticed a similar or increased return than from other types of media investment.

What does this all break down to? Well, it’s becoming undeniable that Digital and Social Media marketing is on the rise. In the future there may be a complete switch to either. We need to get on this train FAST before we become totally obsolete. Who’s with me?

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