The biggest difference between purchased traffic and search engine traffic


When it comes to website traffic there are two major kinds, bought traffic and search engine traffic. Do you know which is better? For most people search engine traffic is better and reasonably so, search engine traffic is free as opposed to purchased traffic which you have to pay for each visitors you receive whether they buy something of not.

The biggest difference with purchased traffic and search engine traffic is not the cost but the quality of visitor you will receive. The reason it isn’t the cost that is the biggest difference is because there are places where you don’t have to spend that much in order to get traffic, which makes your cost very little. But the reason that you don’t receive quality visitors is because you will have to pay for an ad somewhere and who knows if the visitors on that website even want to buy something or if they just thought your ad looked interesting. Let me ask you something, “How many times have you clicked on a link or ad because it looked interesting at had no desire to buy anything?” Now think, did you ever buy anything? This is exactly my point, most people just browse online so you can waste money and not even get anything out of it.

The trick to search engine traffic isn’t to give everyone online some reason to come to your website, the trick is to target a specific group of people so that no matter what ads you place on your site they will target everyone who is there, not just a specific few. Doing this will not only make your website look much better but you will start see better results and your income increase. If you like what I am saying then you should check out these great ideas to make money right from your website.

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