Top 4 Reasons To Hire Headhunter Agencies

.tags According to the reports of the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, 36,500 more vacancies were added in the first quarter of 2010. Moreover, total employment opportunities have grown by nearly 24,100 in the third quarter. The headhunters agencies provide human resource solutions to employers who are looking for qualified personnel. They help their corporate clients to hire deserving candidates to fill up the vacancies. A headhunter agency usually focuses on recruiting candidates for senior managerial level and executive level positions.

Benefits of Hiring Headhunter Agencies

Headhunter agencies begin the recruitment process by understanding the requirements of their clients thoroughly. They use a job description to identify important information about the position such as, job responsibilities, designation, required experience, qualifications, working hours and remuneration. After identifying the relevant information, they use their specialized knowledge and expertise to find a candidate to match the profile. Here are four benefits of hiring the services of a headhunter agency:

Increased Choices: Sometimes the HR department of a company is not in a position to find potential candidates to fill up all the vacancies. Hiring the services of a headhunters agency can prove very beneficial in such circumstances. A headhunter agency usually maintains a large database of qualified professionals. Moreover, they use several other methods to help you to find the right candidate such as, classified ads, job fairs, employee referrals, searching on internet and cold calling. This increases your choice and helps you to find a suitable candidate to meet your specific requirements.

Time Saving: The recruitment process consists of several lengthy and time consuming activities including, collection of applications, sifting through several resumes, identifying potential candidates, conducting screening tests and primary interviews and checking references.

Headhunter agencies take care of the entire procedure. This saves your valuable time, money and manpower. You are just left with the task of choosing a candidate among the qualified ones shortlisted by the headhunter agency. This enables you to concentrate on other important business activities instead of spending hours on hiring new employees.

Cost Effective Services: The headhunter agencies offer their services at very affordable rates. Hiring their services is a more cost effective option as compared to conducting the recruitment process in-house.

Confidentiality: In today’s highly volatile market situation several competitors are waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of the slightest vulnerability on your part. However, reliable employment agencies protect your confidential information throughout the recruitment process.

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