Top Five Tips for Basic Search Engine Optimization


Basic search engine optimization has many steps that you can take in order to better serve your website and take it to the top of the search engine rankings. Most webmasters are aware of the linkbuilding and other things that you can do off your site to help to improve website ranking.

We are all aware that there are things that you can do on the website as well, but which ones are really necessary and which ones are really going to help you?

The top five search engine optimzation tactics that you can and should use on your own website that will assist you in turning your website into something that gets noticed are these:

1. Use meta descriptions, meta keywords, and your robot tags. A great deal of debate continues as to whether or not the meta tags really matter. Flatly the fact is that they do. While the importance of the keywords has been diminished by changes in the algorithms over the years since search engine optimization has begun. This is because quite often unscrupulous webmasters attempted to use those keywords to fool the search engines. While their use is minimized in some ways, don’t let that fool you into thinking that meta tags are not important.

2. The Title tag on your page–arguably the most important part of your page, make it one that is going to catch the attention of both the search engines and the users.

3. the H1 and H2 tags are very very important to your overall search engine optimization strategy. They will show the important aspects and permit your users to skim for what they find to be the most important. Make sure your keywords are incorporated in there somewhere.

4. Your first sentences in the text of your page body should have your keywords in them. They are the most important ones for your content. They will ideally be very readable by humans and also be well placed for the search engines. Keep them in the front portion of that first paragraph in order to be sure they are easily seen by both search engine and person. People like to skim text and to be easily seen and be sure they are getting what they came for, getting your keywords out there first thing is important.

5. Don’t concentrate just on your keywords, but use some variant of those too. If your keyword is singer, then use the terms singing, and others that will mean the same thing. Keeping your keywords to about 3% is best, although that too is subject to argument. Some people go as high as 8 percent without penalty. Stuffing keywords in your content makes it hard for humans to want to read and will usually net you a penalty for that action.

Search engine optimization is unique and different to every SEO expert in the world. Each one offers their own style and adds their own elements to the process. It’s as much an art as it is a science and when done properly, using some common sense, will get you a good placement in the search engines, but more, will make your pages appeal to human targets as well.

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