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Nowadays,  most people get the information that they need on the internet.  With the millions of websites that people can browse through the internet, it is highly important that internet surfers get to the websites with fewer clicks as possible. While time if very crucial for those who need information, it is also important that they get all the possible related hits related to the topic that they are looking for. This is where the role of top search engine rankings come in.

It all began in the mid-1990’s when web masters and content providers began optimizing sites for search engines.  They then submitted a page or a URL to the search engines that they are using.  Then, the search engine would send a “spider” in order to “crawl” to that page in order to form link.  The information in the page would then be indexed by the search engine.  The process then involves a search engine spider that downloads a page and storing it on the search engine’s own server.  Then, there’s an indexer that gets different information about the page, including the words contained and the weight of specific words and the links contained by the page.

Thus , today,  according to www.websearch, Google is the undisputed leader among the different search engines when it comes to text- based search as it receives 70% of all U.S queries.  Yahoo is second place, while Microsoft Live Search is in third place.  And according to PC World,  Google also tops its competitors in all categories, namely: Text Search, Image Search, Blog Search, Image Search, News Search, and Local Search.

Top Search Engine Ranking

While all search engines deliver good results for all searches, the key is not only providing good key words for the web surfers, but also having those keywords direct you to millions of hits.  Though only a small percentage of those hits are really important, it is important for search engine that  are in the top search engines to deliver the best hits in the first ten searches. Who has time to search through the millions of hits when you can have them in your top10 or top 20?

Top ranking search engines have their own gimmicks that provide more visibility for them to the internet users. has a “Narrow Your Search” option.  Microsoft Live Scratch Pad  also helps you recall the sites where you would like to go to in the future.  And Yahoo now has a page called “Yahoo Answers” in helps you keep in touch with a community of internet users that will help you answer your questions.

No one knows exactly how much information there is on the internet.  Maybe all that surfaces is about 10%.  Who knows?  For this matter, what matters is that the top ranking search engines and the not-so-high-ranking search engines are there to help us with our keywords and from there get information that we need on the internet. Thank God that information is this easy to obtain information in this day and age.

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