What Does Search Engine Marketing Mean To You?

.tags If you asked five different search engine marketing providers what search engine marketing is, its quite possible that you would get five different answers. To some, search engine marketing can be seen as the tweaking of your website in order to make it more attractive to the search engines. To others search engine marketing reaches further afield that just on-page elements such as meta tags or keywords. It extends as far as link-building techniques, article submission, blogging and guest posts for instance. Others take the concept even further, interpreting it almost as an online PR exercise that embraces everything all the way from on-page SEO right through to viral video, social media and even off-line marketing.

Search engine marketing is what you want it to be

As long as it takes your site and elevates it to the top of the search returns on the keywords that your target audiences are using – who cares? Its happy days. Easy.

If only search life was that simple. Unfortunately for many companies, search engine marketing is far more involved and confusing than it might appear at face value. There are a number of important links in the search chain that can break and unless handled carefully and professionally it has the potential to be a complicated, time consuming and tricky process. Unless some essential fundamentals have been put in place at the outset search engine marketing can leave you frustrated and often out of pocket.

Professional search engine marketing input

Perhaps the most important thing to understand right from the start is that unless you are working with an SEM company who really know their stuff then youre going to be in for a tough time. The smart money goes on the expertise. Much in the same way that you pay to get someone in service the car, or use a specialist to remove your appendix, getting a search ninja on board will save you a whole load of grief (and cash) in the long run. Theres no escaping the fact. Specialist input yields returns and will make all the difference when it come to nailing real world business results. Dont take risks with your business. Consider money spent on specialist expertise an investment.

You could try doing your own online marketing, you could buy a book, or maybe theres a chap down the pub whose lad does a bit of SEO. He could nip round and help out a bit maybe have a look at the meta tags or write a new “Welcome Page”. Error. False economy. You are opening up a world of pain here. Treat your search engine marketing professionally and expect to enjoy professional results. Treating it lightly is a recipe for failure. You know that.

SEM commitment

For serious benefits you need to be serious about matching the commitment of your search engine marketing company. These days a large element of SEM success is content driven. Are you prepared to focus your attention on the content creation side of SEM? To Tweet perhaps, blog, to provide information for case studies or interviews of product information for articles? Yes? Great. Then you’re already well on the road the strong search engine profile and all the benefits that it brings.

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