What Makes One Search Engine Better Than the Next?


With the internet being the most useful tool one can use to search for information on any subject in the world, do you know that there are actually a few search engines that one can use to search the internet? Google is probably the most popular search engine that people use most often. Yahoo, Ask, and Dogpile are some common names of search engines that you may find familiar. There may be some unfamiliar SE’s (search engines) that you may not have ever heard of. Bing is a new name in SE’s but is formally known as MSN Search and Live Search. With so many different companies offering their services to you to search the internet, what makes each one different or better than the rest? Here is an overview of some of the more popular SE’s on the internet.

Google Search – Google, Inc owns Google Search which was founded in 1997. It is the most frequently used search engine on the internet today. Google usually receives a few hundred million searches a day! Can you imagine, a few hundred million? This largely due to Google offering other services rather than just keyword searches. The keywords are a set of words a person types into the Google search box. Other services that Google offers are weather forecasts, synonyms, stock quotes, time zones, maps and sports scores. There are 22 special features in all. Google also has SE’s that target specific countries. In the UK, a person can search on a Google UK search engine.

Yahoo! Search – Yahoo! Search is the third most widely used search engine today. It falls behind Google Search and Bing. In the 1990’s, Yahoo! Search was transformed into a complete search engine after starting off as a web directory. A web directory is a site that list other websites and may link them categories. Keywords cannot be searched on a web directory. Available through Yahoo! Search is a UK search engine too. This is helpful when living in specific areas of the world and needing to narrow down a search.

Bing – Bing is a brand new search engine available on the internet today. . Well, not completely new because it was formally known as Live Search, MSN Search and Windows Live Search. It became available to the public on June 3, 2009 and has received some great reviews already. The main advancement that Bing has over other SE’s is that the searches are done in real time. Meaning, the keywords that are searched on give results on a real time basis. It provides a list of websites in real time opposed to a list of websites that were listed days before. That is a big plus when you are looking for the most current information you can find.

The choice is yours as to which SE you want to use to search the internet. They all basically perform the same function and that is to search out all the websites to provide you with the all information you could ever want or dream of.

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